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  • Legislature will remain a prize

    Democrats are desperate to regain influence in Raleigh. Republicans are intent on maintaining it. The General Assembly will be one of this year’s most interesting political battlegrounds.

  • Public dissatisfaction is hardly new

    After being “underwater” for quite a while, Obama’s approval ratings began moving into positive territory several months ago as it became clear that either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump would likely succeed him.

  • Liberals change subject to H.B. 2

    if North Carolina’s economy were relatively weak or its state finances were in a shambles, the Left would want the state’s political conversation to be about these issues.

  • Time to check poll position

    Hillary Clinton enjoys a slight edge in the most recent polls of North Carolina voters, while Sen. Richard Burr leads his Democratic opponent, former state Rep. Deborah Ross, by a wider margin.

  • Candidates go their own way

    Since North Carolina politics became truly competitive, Democrats have tended to outperform their presidential nominees while Republicans have tended to underperform theirs.

  • North Carolina Gives Conservatives Hope

    If you put North Carolina’s new 2016-17 state budget into the context of five previous budget plans enacted by conservative legislators, you can see Ronald Reagan’s vision being implemented into law.