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  • Restore More Freedom In N.C.

    The final details of a $22.2 billion General Fund budget for the state matter a lot. But according to one estimate, state regulations cost North Carolinians $25 billion a year.

  • We Were Never In Kansas

    North Carolina's General Fund budget is running an operating surplus for the current fiscal year of $1.2 billion — due mostly to less-than-projected spending.

  • Tax Dispute Has A Solution

    The House could accept a more ambitious timetable for cutting taxes, as the Senate has proposed, but make each installment conditional on hitting an agreed-upon revenue target.

  • Cooper’s Refusal To Defend State Part of National Trend

    State Attorney General Roy Cooper’s refusal to represent North Carolina in a federal lawsuit over House Bill 2 is just one part of an expanding trend that sees attorneys general across the United States picking and choosing, depending on their party affiliation, which cases they will represent,…

  • State Pollsters Earn Good Grades

    According to the latest nationwide study by the website FiveThirtyEight.com, all of the pollsters that are most active in our state receive high marks for accuracy — either an A or a B+.

  • Keep A Lid On State Debt

    At low levels, state debt likely produces net economic benefits, as the infrastructure projects financed by bonds facilitate greater investment and commerce. As the debt rises, however, the net turns negative.

  • Political Coin Lands On Its Edge

    Over all the 17 publicly released polls taken since early February about the governor's race, Roy Cooper gets an average of 43 percent of the vote to Pat McCrory’s 42 percent.

  • Road Policies Deserve Attention

    North Carolina’s new “Strategy Mobility Formula” will have the effect of shifting scarce road dollars from projects that would have transported relatively few people to those that will transport lots of people.