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  • News For McCrory Is Mixed

    Rising optimism about North Carolina’s economic prospects helps to explain why Pat McCrory’s approval rating is now 48 percent, up from 43 percent this time last year and 38 percent in 2014.

  • Our State Gets Boring

    North Carolina is a boring state. Okay, hold the rotten tomatoes. I’m not attacking my home state. I’m not denying the amenities and attractions it has in abundance. What I have in mind is that the average North Carolinian is now quite close to the average American in public opinion.

  • N.C. Cuts Save Taxpayers Billions

    Here’s a statement that North Carolinians of all political stripes can agree is a fact: Gov. Pat McCrory and the state legislature have enacted the largest tax cut in the history of North Carolina. Conservatives celebrate this fact. Liberals decry it. Since the GOP won control of the state legislature…

  • March 15 Primary Election Field Set

    Rick Henderson on key primary races such as Gov., Lt. Gov. & Council of State seats; Kari Travis on protests against new UNC leader; legislators discuss NC's unfunded liability for retiree benefits & whether to end the tier system for economic development…

  • Anger Is Not Enough

    You can understand why Republicans are desperate to change the direction of federal policy. And you can understand why Democrats are similarly motivated in North Carolina.

  • Six Trends to Shape 2016

    When trying to concoct statistical models to forecast the outcomes of presidential elections, political scientists run dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of simulations.