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  • Time to Strike a Good Deal

    While it would have been better to pass a final budget deal before June 30, it’s more important that the budget be a good one. The two chambers and the governor now have some time to get it right.

  • Polls Mixed On McCrory

    There have been four polls publicly released over the past two months that asked either personal favorability or job approval questions about the governor.

  • Senate Plots Right Course

    A significant share of North Carolina's revenue surplus is likely one-time money. It ought not to be used to create new programs that might require future tax hikes to sustain.

  • GOP in the Deep End

    The North Carolina GOP is in deep trouble — or so say the Democrats and left-of-center commentators who are rooting for the Republicans currently leading the state to bicker, fall out, and fail.

  • Invitation to the Dance

    The primary effect of rainy-day funds in situations of fiscal stress is to head off “temporary” tax increases that can persist and fuel higher spending in the future.

  • How McCrory Gets Judged

    Voters tend to credit or blame their governors not for the absolute performance of their economies but for the relative performance.

  • Of Course Taxes Matter

    I prefer across-the-board tax reduction to targeted tax incentives not only because I have read many academic studies but also because I have met many politicians.

  • Fiscal Issues Divide GOP

    Many conservatives agree that North Carolina’s transportation system has a long-term funding problem. But higher gas taxes aren't the right solution.

  • The Song Remains the Same

    Ever since North Carolina governors gained the option of succeeding themselves, each reelection campaign has essentially followed the same script.