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  • Political future may surprise us

    A common political shorthand is to pit “neighborhood interests” against “developers.” But while past versions tended to associate the former with the Left and the latter with the Right, that formulation doesn’t capture the current mood.

  • What trends miss about teens and technology 

    Teens are tethered to technology like never before. Almost all have smartphones; many are online constantly. Those are topline findings from a new survey of American teens by the Pew Research Center. This news is no rocketing revelation to those who know and love “iGen,” the name coined by social psychologist Jean Twenge for the…

  • Housing choices reflect political divide

    Progressive Democrats and conservative Republicans tend to disagree about growth policy not because of external pressure by special-interest groups but because their preferences are fundamentally different.

  • House approves bill to bolster rainy day fund

      RALEIGH — The House on Wednesday overwhelmingly approved a bill aimed at beefing up the state’s rainy day fund. “It takes North Carolina from frankly one of the weaker savings regiments of any state to what the Pew Center believes will be one of the…

  • For A Balanced Diet

    Broadcasting should make up only part of an active citizen’s news consumption — and, frankly, not the largest share of it.