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  • Lawmakers return to Raleigh, immediately get to work

    Lawmakers began filing bills, assigned committee members, and remembered a former state representative as the N.C. General Assembly returned to the state capital after a two-week break. Democratic leaders laid out an agenda they hope the Republican majority might consider. Sen. Dan Blue, D-Wake, and Rep. Darren…

  • Finding common ground may elude 2017 General Assembly

    Perhaps the biggest task facing a Republican-controlled General Assembly when it returns from a two-week hiatus Wednesday is finding common ground with a new Democratic governor, and vice versa. That’s a significant challenge, considering the contentious nature of last year’s special sessions and the flurry of lawsuits that followed. Lawmakers…

  • Collegiality rules on first day of legislative session

    Bipartisanship ruled the day as lawmakers returned Wednesday to begin the 2017 long session of the General Assembly. The collegiality on opening day marked a stark contrast with the final days of special legislative sessions held in December, when the GOP-controlled General Assembly whittled away at some of the…

  • 2017 session opens Wednesday, but real work starts later

    The 2017 long session of the General Assembly starts Wednesday, and the first day is likely to be more ceremonial than substantive. Once members are sworn in and leaders in the House and Senate are elected, lawmakers will head home. They return Jan. 25 to get to work in earnest.

  • Cooper makes a colossal blunder

    By claiming unilateral authority to expand Medicaid, Gov. Cooper destroyed the political narrative he and his progressive enablers in the media had created after the 2016 election.

  • Three-judge panel blocks overhaul of elections board

    RALEIGH — A three-judge Superior Court panel has blocked the overhaul of the State Board of Elections until the case can go to trial or unless a higher court overturns a preliminary injunction. Kellie Myers, Wake County’s trial court administrator, notified the state elections board staff Thursday afternoon. The…

  • Cooper faces a pivotal choice

    Progressives want to see Roy Cooper wage years of unremitting ideological warfare. They want protests, lawsuits, and personal attacks on GOP politicians and conservative leaders.