• Trade wars hurt Carolina workers

    Lots of North Carolinians design, produce, process, transport, or market exports — and neither political posturing nor “tough” talk can replace the income they lose as other countries hike tariffs in response to ours.

  • Restricting consumer choice is folly

    For decades, owners of homes and cars had valuable capital sitting unused. There were no practical means of discovering customers, coordinating schedules, or facilitating payment. Then the Internet showed up.

  • Five losers and one winner from protectionism

    Typically, “saving American jobs” is the reason given for implementing protectionist trade measures, i.e., tariffs and quotas. The argument goes something like this: Foreign producers of a product are offering American consumers a more attractive price or better-quality product than they can get from American producers of the same…

  • Walter Williams on Trade, Politics

    George Mason University economist Walter Williams, a syndicated columnist and guest host on the “Rush Limbaugh program,” came to Raleigh recently to help kick off the creation of a new program that will provide leadership and citizenship training to North Carolinians. In an interview with Carolina Journal, Williams discussed politicians'…