• Coalition Pushes Redistricting Reform

    RALEIGH — Concerned about the shrinking number of competitive races for the General Assembly, a statewide coalition is launching a new push for redistricting reform. Group says the time has come for a change in the way North Carolina draws legislative and congressional election maps.

  • A Pathetic Electoral Excuse

    With Bush’s approval ratings stuck in the low 40s and other factors in place, 2006 should be a year of Democratic resurgence. But most pundits don’t yet expect this to happen because of the rules of the game.

  • The Never-Ending, Finished Case

    The NC Supreme Court upheld a lower-court ruling Thursday that transferred a long-running redistricting case to a new Wake County judicial panel. On second thought, no it didn't.

  • A Constitutional Crossroads

    The NC Supreme Court is about to rule on whether it is a separate and equal branch of state government — or subservient to the legislature. The future of constitutional government is at stake.

  • Still More Separation Anxiety

    The Stephenson redistricting plaintiffs have filed their brief with the NC Supreme Court -- and the stakes, not just electoral but constitutional, couldn't be higher.

  • Iowa Offers Redistricting Lessons

    RALEIGH — If any redistricting procedure could be viewed as exemplary, it would be Iowa’s . After a court loss in the 1970s, the Iowa legislature turned redistricting responsibilities over to staff. It is required to disregard political affiliations and incumbency when designing new districts. The bureau must draw districts…

  • Redistricting Panel Not Silver Bullet

    RALEIGH — Two years ago, Rep. Russell Capps complained that his newly redrawn, Democrat-leaning district resembled the main course at a holiday dinner — sort of. “If you hold it upside-down,” Capps said at the time, “it looks like a turkey.” Trying to avoid the tussle for power, some NC…

  • A Wide-Ranging Court Ruling

    A Franklin County judge has rendered a decision likely to impact legislative, gubernatorial, and even presidential politics in 2004. And the judicial process just started.