• Incoherence on Voting Rights

    It's getting harder and harder to understand Democratic objections to the latest legislative redistricting maps, as their arguments are self-contradictory and seem to have little to do with federal Voting Rights Act at issue in the case.

  • The Surprising Senate Scramble

    There are six swing seats among the new N.C. Senate districts that might well determine partisan control of the chamber. They are located on the coast, in the Triangle and Triad, and in the western mountains.

  • New Legislative District Analysis

    Assuming the latest version of House and Senate districts withstand challenge, both chambers will be up for grabs in 2002. Including an allocation of the partisan “tilt” of swing districts, Democrats and Republicans have an equal chance to win.

  • Draw the Line at “Landslide”

    There's no doubt that GOP prospects in North Carolina's 2002 elections improved with Judge Knox Jenkins' redistricting decision. But Republicans should stow any talk of "landslide."…

  • A Week of High Drama

    Special sessions, redistricting, court fights, tax increases, lotteries – what more could a political junkie possibly want?…

  • The Redistricting Homestretch

    The state supreme court has established three clear rules to guide restricting: respecting county lines, equalizing population, and ensuring compact districts. Will the legislature comply?…

  • An Unholy Redistricting Mess

    Sorting out the implications of the N.C. Supreme Court's complex ruling on redistricting will take some time, but one clear loser was the cause of judicial restraint.