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  • Cooper commits monumental error

    A 2015 law enacted by bipartisan majorities in the General Assembly had forbidden state or local officials from removing public monuments except under limited circumstances. And, of course, preexisting state law made it a crime for private citizens, acting individually or as part of a mob, to deface, damage, or…

  • Cooper’s orders were relatively strict

    The only state in the Southeast that seems to rival North Carolina in the stringency of COVID-19 regulation is Virginia. Not coincidentally, the two states have had among the largest drops in consumer and worker mobility.

  • Another shutdown order will fail

    The governor has arrogated to himself the unilateral authority to shut down indefinitely large swaths of economic and social life. I truly hope he doesn’t try it, again.

  • Go-slow reopening may be costly

    if North Carolina has a particularly bad jobs reports next month, the governor’s go-slow approach to reopening will likely be responsible for a significant share of the negative economic consequences.

  • Cooper isn’t addressing urgent needs

    North Carolina is experiencing an economic disaster, one of the largest and fastest downturns in history. Our leaders should be responding to this crisis with great urgency. Gov. Roy Cooper is not.