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  • Fracking has reduced carbon emissions

    We’ve been able to make the switch from coal to gas without burdening power customers because the fracking revolution made it economical to drill for and recover large amounts of natural gas.

  • Sanders would hurt state Democrats

    For a party that promises to make the character and judgment of the current occupant of the White House the central theme of the 2020 election cycle, nominating Bernie Sanders would be a self-inflicted wound.

  • Governor extreme on school choice

    Creating more choice and competition is not inconsistent with enhancing the performance of district-run public schools. Indeed, choice programs and public-school reform are mutually reinforcing.

  • Prudence needed on voter ID

    Most North Carolinians believe voter ID is a reasonable precaution against a low-probability but catastrophic event. It would be prudent for politicians and judges to accept that and move on.

  • Here are 10 ideas for 2020

    While the governor and legislative leaders have profound disagreements, and will take their case to the voters on such issues as tax reform and Medicaid expansion, there are other opportunities for cooperation.