Tag:Rules Review Commission

  • State elections board loses request to ease rules for 2020 election

    The N.C. Rules Review Commission unanimously voted to reject a State Board of Elections’ request for emergency powers on Thursday, May 21. Commissioners said the requested temporary rule changes were ambiguous, unnecessary, and outside of the board’s statutory authority.  The board said it needed more flexibility…

  • Rules limp off into the sunset

    A few other states have experimented with similar reforms, but North Carolina has been a pioneer in marrying the ongoing review of its administrative code with annual regulatory-reform bills.

  • Rules review head wants more regulations scrapped

    Many state agencies are skirting legislation requiring them to determine whether the regulations they collectively impose are necessary, said Garth Dunklin, chairman of the state Rules Review Commission. Dunklin wants tighter controls to force agencies to look closer at rules they issue and potentially remove more of them from the books.

  • Bill requiring clearer dental sedation rules headed to governor

    A bill instructing dentists to ignore some new state rules on sedation raised red flags in committee with Sen. Floyd McKissick, D-Durham, though supporters of the the bill said the problem was a lack of clarity in the rules. The measure wound up passing the Senate and the House without…

  • Court Rules on Pharmacist Hours

    RALEIGH — Under North Carolina law, regulatory agencies can issue rules only to the degree they’ve been authorized to do so by the General Assembly. In a recent case in involving how many hours per day pharmacists can work, the state’s second highest court adopted a narrow interpretation of agency…