• UNC Salaries Dwarf Those In Other Agencies

    RALEIGH — The UNC system’s 16 universities employ 47,894 people. Of those employees, 1,039, or 2.17 percent, earn more than $200,000 and 6,243, or 13 percent, earn more than $100,000. The share of UNC employees earning six-figure salaries far outpaces that of other state agencies. Of the 87,364 state employees, only…

  • Survey: UNC System Grads Deficient in Work Skills

    RALEIGH — Results from an employer survey recently released by the University of North Carolina system suggest that graduates of the state’s 16 public universities — especially those from less selective schools — are deficient in terms of their written and oral communication, work ethic, and workplace etiquette.

  • UNC Summer Bridge Program Not Meeting Expectations

    RALEIGH — The Summer Bridge Program urges students whose high school grade point averages and SAT scores place them in the bottom 10 percent of the first-year freshman class — called a “high risk student population” — to enter the program. But graduation rates of participating students are abysmal.

  • Governor’s UNC Budget Proposal Seeks Efficiencies

    RALEIGH — The state budget battle that will take place over the next few months likely will have a major impact on the day-to-day operations of the system’s 16 public universities. In early March, Gov. Pat McCrory began the process with the release of his 2015-17 budget proposal, which the General…

  • Officials Seek To Improve Teacher Prep In Ed Schools

    RALEIGH — In recent years, teacher shortages, along with high attrition rates in rural areas and in fields such as secondary math and science, have prompted state officials to look to the UNC system for more teachers. Recent criticism of teacher preparation quality has added a new dynamic to policy…

  • UNC Seeks To Enhance Its ‘Global Brand’

    RALEIGH — One proposal being reviewed by the Board of Governors seeks to boost UNC’s international reach and enhance its “global brand.” It calls for $400,000 of new annual state funding to help link students, faculty, and staff with regions “critical to the state’s economic and strategic future,” namely China, India,…

  • Admission Standards Dropping at Three UNC Campuses

    RALEIGH — Starting next fall, N.C. Central University, Elizabeth City State University, and Fayetteville State University will be allowed to admit students with SAT scores as low as 750 (the current systemwide minimum is 800). The three historically black universities are part of a pilot program approved at the October…

  • ‘Low-Productivity’ Degree Programs At UNC Hard To End

    RALEIGH — North Carolina law states that the UNC Board of Governors “shall review the productivity of academic degree programs every two years” and “withdraw approval” of any program appearing “unproductive, excessively costly or unnecessarily duplicative.” Gaining agreement on what constitutes "unproductive," however, can be difficult.

  • Review Seeks To Boost Profs’ Accountability

    RALEIGH — A change in faculty review policies implemented in June will bring the process outside the control of close-knit faculty groups by requiring a series of evaluations. Supporters say this should lessen the chances faculty members will engage in mutual back scratching when performance reviews are conducted.

  • BOG’s Lax Enforcement Of Rules Benefits N.C. A&T

    GREENSBORO — Studetnts at the N.C. A&T State University nursing school repeatedly have failed to meet state standards for passing the licensing exam; the school has overstated enrollment; and it has admitted more out-of-state students than the system allows. But the UNC Board of Governors has continued to give the…