N.C. Supreme Court candidates discuss the danger of a partisan judiciary

In November’s midterm elections, the stakes are high in the two races for the North Carolina Supreme Court. The high court currently has a 4-3 Democrat majority, so if Republicans flip just one seat, the balance shifts on the court. In a relatively rare opportunity, the four candidates running for the N.C. Supreme Court were...


Working for Congressman Gene Taylor during 9/11 attack

My first job out of college was assisting with military casework for former U.S. Congressman Gene Taylor in the Gulfport, Mississippi, district office. Not knowing the extent of the attack on our homeland,  two FBI agents were guarding the doors of Congressman Taylor's office when I showed up that day.

Ray Nothstine

Panic as smoke rises on the horizon: Covering 9/11 from Washington, D.C.

Twenty-one years ago today, on Sept. 11 , 2001, I dropped my toddler and infant off at day care in a Virginia suburb of our nation's capital, completely preoccupied with the long commute into downtown. I was a reporter at Reuters Television covering North America. My newsroom was blocks from the White House and the Capitol.

Donna King

Coming of age in the era after 9/11

I had just begun my junior year in high school when America’s aura of invincibility ended for my generation on the morning of Sept. 11, 2001. Even back then, I was an avid follower of politics and world events — one of the few kids to watch the nightly news and read Drudge. But 9/11...

David N. Bass

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Treasurer: Towns need oversight from regulators in audits

Some financially strapped small and rural local governments across North Carolina are struggling to file on-time audits with the state, and that has prompted State Treasurer Dale Folwell to call on regulators to take a more active role in addressing the issue before serious problems like careless spending or even embezzlement occur.

Theresa Opeka

Regulations on bar owners eased in stack of bills signed into law

N.C. Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper signed 11 bills into law Thursday, the closely-watched state budget was not one of them. Among those measures that are now law is H.B. 768, the 2022 ABC Omnibus. It is designed to decrease regulations on bar owners and expand the freedom of alcohol transportation and sales. The House gave...

Theresa Opeka

Does Pelosi’s support help or hurt Democrats running for Congress?

Three N.C. state senators running for Congress have received the social media equivalent of an endorsement of sorts from Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Pelosi shows pictures of candidates running for the House on her Twitter feed, including Sens. Don Davis, of Greene County, Jeff Jackson, Mecklenburg, and Wiley Nickel, Wake, and encourages her followers...

Theresa Opeka