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  • Good News About School Choice

    If someone asked me to describe the single-biggest result of conservative electoral gains in 2009 and 2010, my answer would consist of two words: school choice.

  • A Path Ahead for School Reform

    While Republicans are more likely than average to favor merit pay, tougher tests, and charter schools, Democrats are more likely to favor annual testing, tax credits, and vouchers.

  • Where are School Choice Candidates?

    RALEIGH — Heading into North Carolina’s primary May 6, candidates on several levels staked out positions on programs that offer an alternative to district-assigned public schools, but as the dust settles several weeks after the election, vocal supporters of charter schools and nonpublic alternatives are falling away.

  • School Choice Gets a Boost

    A high school diploma is a critical determinant of later vocational and life success. In our competitive global economy, kids who don’t graduate don’t stand a chance. Not only do high school dropouts face long odds when it comes to securing gainful employment, research shows they’re also at risk for…

  • Lindalyn’s Journal

    Last week, I wrote about the inability of federal, law-based education reform to fix what really ails our schools. Top-down legislative change, even when marked by good intentions, is inherently problematic.