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  • New web app can help parents find schooling options

    RALEIGH — North Carolina families should have an easier time finding K-12 education options thanks to a new web application launched by Parents for Education Freedom in North Carolina, an organization that supports expansion of school choice across the state. The PEFNC database, “NC Schools Around Me,” is a…

  • Education seeing ‘unconventional’ growth

    Homeschooling is the maverick among North Carolina’s K-12 options. Since its launch three decades ago, homeschooling has bucked convention and stumped prognosticators. Age and experience haven’t tamed its life outside the lines; this unorthodox movement still defies expectations. Yet amid unpredictability, one constant has emerged: Homeschooling is enormously popular. Thirty…

  • Charter school advocacy groups merging

    The North Carolina Alliance for Public Charter Schools and the North Carolina Public Charter Schools Association soon will consolidate to form the North Carolina Association of Public Charter Schools, the new organization announced last week. Plans for the merger were finalized on Oct. 6 at a joint board meeting of…

  • Voters never will be experts

    What if we don’t like the outcomes produced by our prisons, public health agencies, or public schools? It’s impossible or highly expensive to “take our business elsewhere.”…

  • Freedom rises In North Carolina

    Even with the best of intentions, politicians should neither make our decisions for us nor remove us from responsibility for them. Politicians are not our parents.

  • Disagreement over charter approvals goes public

    The State Board of Education’s Aug. 4 decision to reject five of the 13 charter school applications that were earlier this year approved by the N.C. Charter School Advisory Board led to a resolution of protest from the advisory board. The resolution, posted Aug. 9, resulted from frustration that…

  • Opportunity Scholarships Get Boost In Senate Budget

    North Carolina’s still-young Opportunity Scholarship Program would get a major boost if a provision in the proposed Senate budget becomes law. The Opportunity Scholarship Program, enacted in 2013, provides a child from a low-income family a tax-funded voucher of up to $4,200 per school year to use toward private-school tuition.

  • School Choice Is Now Mainstream

    Roughly speaking, about a quarter of North Carolina’s K-12 students attend a school of choice. That includes private schools, home schools, charter schools, and open-enrollment schools.