• Big News Down the Ballot

    What should we be watching most closely in the 2006 election cycle? There are interesting congressional and legislative races, but referenda down the ballot could bring big news.

  • Interests Clash Over Calendar

    RALEIGH — While North Carolina’s coastal tourism industry celebrates legislation that extends the summer vacation season by preventing public schools from opening before Aug. 25, school boards and advocates around the state are angry at what they view as a quest for cash at the expense of students. “It’s steamrolling…

  • Credit to the Supreme Court

    The nation's high court just handed down a decision that gives school-choice foes some hope. But few have noticed that targeted tax breaks for business may be affected.

  • Changes Stir Milwaukee Voucher Debate

    RALEIGH — Recent events have put the $75 million Milwaukee school voucher program back in the news, and may have tarnished the program’s image among some supporters and foes alike. The voucher program provides public funding to help send low-income children to private schools. Until recently, private schools kept their…

  • A Mixed Ruling on School Funding

    CHARLOTTE — The N.C. Constitution requires that fines and penalties collected by the state for violations of penal law go to help fund public schools. Does this provision also apply to various sorts of payments to state agencies made as excise taxes, tax penalties or additional taxes, traffic, parking, vehicle…