• Charter Certification Change Could Have Far-Reaching Effect

    RALEIGH — Principals will be free to hire whomever they think will do the best job to fill 50 percent of teaching positions, whether they have a state license or not. Those teachers could be retired chemists, college professors, lawyers, or professional tutors. The change could have an impact well…

  • Fayetteville State To Teach Teachers of Entrepreneurs

    RALEIGH — Edward Stringham, a professor at Fayetteville State University, noticed an absence of professors trained in the principles of entrepreneurship. To train Ph.D. students to teach such courses, Stringham is proposing a doctoral program at Fayetteville State. Stringham is a professor in the university’s business school, which would house…

  • Hillsdale College Resists Accreditation Organization

    RALEIGH — Hillsdale College recognized that meeting NCATE’s standards would be costly for a school of its size, with 1,300 students in total. And while officials of the school had not been happy with the state’s requirements, they considered going to national accreditation would make matters worse.

  • Universities, Businesses Try To Spur Economic Growth

    RALEIGH — Economic prospects for both the state and the university have changed dramatically since the UNC system released its “UNC Tomorrow” report in 2007, but that hasn’t stopped UNC from pushing its broad vision as a driver of economic transformation in North Carolina.

  • Dual Roles for UNC: Educator and Licensing Agency

    RALEIGH — Nationally, for-profit post-secondary schools have been inundated by controversy in recent months. While they have expanded the market for higher education to underserved populations, especially working adults, they have drawn a lot of fire, especially from officials at more established schools.

  • My Climb Up the Learning Curve

    RALEIGH -- When I joined the Pope Center three years ago, I thought I knew a fair bit about higher education. In addition to reading widely to prepare for the job, I’d spent more than 20 years as an editor working with academic scholars — and I am married to…

  • Trouble at Raleigh’s Shaw University

    RALEIGH — Last fall Raleigh's Shaw University fired a professor for “disloyalty” and evicted a student from campus housing over a faculty resolution criticizing Shaw President Talbert O. Shaw and the Board of Trustees. In January the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education sent Shaw a letter about the controversy,…