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  • Reports Show Worrying Tax Trends

    RALEIGH — Two reports released today show how North Carolina’s tax burden is growing compared to other states and how this may be affecting economic recovery. In its 2003 projections of state and local tax burdens, the Tax Foundation ranked North Carolina 25th in the nation — representing a dramatic…

  • “Freedom Budget” Offers Savings, Tax Cuts

    RALEIGH — North Carolina leaders should find significant and permanent savings in the state budget to restore fiscal responsibility, uphold constitutional principles, and allow for dramatic tax cuts to offer relief to North Carolina families and pro-growth incentives for North Carolina’s struggling economy. That’s the conclusion of The Freedom Budget,…

  • NCCBI Hosts Talks on Budget, Health

    RALEIGH — North Carolina Citizens for Business and Industry held its 61st annual dinner Wednesday in Raleigh. Speakers at the event covered a wide variety of topics ranging from the state budget to pharmaceuticals. Gov. Mike Easley opened the ceremonies by announcing that he has created a permanent council of…

  • Are You Paying for This?

    Activists met this weekend at Western Carolina University to develop a “women’s agenda” for the 2003 legislative session that includes demands for more tax money. What’s worse, the meeting was sponsored by an arm of the university.

  • N.C. Invents New Economics

    Until the North Carolina legislature came along, every school of economics warned against raising taxes in a recession. The new Jones Street school of economics begs, embarrassingly, to differ.