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  • Tax Foundation: Typical N.C. family gains nearly $600 from tax reform

    The tax reform legislation approved by Congress and sent to President Trump Wednesday makes sweeping reforms to the national tax landscape, but an influential Washington-based think tank says the new law should have minimal impact on North Carolina’s tax structure. It will, however, return more money to the…

  • Tax reform merits two cheers

    During the coming decade, the federal government is expected to spend about $53 trillion and take in $43 trillion. Passage of tax reform would make that latter number more like $41.6 trillion.

  • Reform would boost N.C. incomes

    A new study projects that federal tax reform would lead to more than 29,000 net new jobs in North Carolina as well as an average income gain of about $2,400 for a middle-income family.

  • Don’t fear a robot invasion

    Claims that machines will displace workers and lead to stagnation, poverty, and social unrest have been made for centuries, despite the fact that they always turn out to be wrong.

  • Look for more tax reform in 2017

    As legislative Republicans return to Raleigh, additional tax reforms will be on their agenda. The 2017 session opens in earnest Wednesday, and the leaders of the House and Senate have said they want to continue the pace of tax reform, including lowering personal income taxes and spreading the sales tax…

  • 2017 session opens Wednesday, but real work starts later

    The 2017 long session of the General Assembly starts Wednesday, and the first day is likely to be more ceremonial than substantive. Once members are sworn in and leaders in the House and Senate are elected, lawmakers will head home. They return Jan. 25 to get to work in earnest.