Tag:Taxpayer Protection Act

  • AFP-NC pushing fiscal responsibility, economic growth

    Americans for Prosperity–North Carolina, a conservative grass-roots organization, on Wednesday released a 2017 legislative agenda that puts state spending limits atop the project list. AFP asked the legislature to consider a Taxpayer Protection Act and to push tax reforms allowing North Carolinians…

  • Bill Has Carolina Pedigree

    Inaction by the House doesn’t mean that most members oppose the idea of amending the constitution to limit spending growth and require the accumulation of healthy rainy-day reserves to hedge against natural or fiscal disasters.

  • Yes, Protect the Taxpayers

    Lawmakers in the General Assembly can only place a taxpayer-protection amendment on the ballot. It would take a majority vote by the people — quite literally a democratic action — to place the measure into the constitution.

  • Friday Interview: Taxpayer Protection Act

    RALEIGH — Today, Carolina Journal Radio's Mitch Kokai speaks with Barry Poulson, a leading authority on tax and expenditure limitations laws in the United States and Francis De Luca, State Director of Americans for Prosperity North Carolina. AFP brought Dr. Poulson to North Carolina recently to discuss a policy paper…

  • GOP Pushes Spending-Cap Bill

    RALEIGH — Republicans in the General Assembly on Monday introduced a Taxpayers’ Protection Act, which would constitutionally place controls on lawmakers’ spending and refund any excess revenues to taxpayers. At the same time the bill's sponsors acknowledged the political reality of their minority status. State Sen. Fred Smith of Clayton,…