• Why aren’t we running out of turkeys?

    In the United States, there are between 45 million and 46 million turkeys killed each year by profit-seeking farmers for consumption at Thanksgiving dinners around the country. In total, about 245 million turkeys are raised on American farms every year, with pretty much all of them headed for an afterlife…

  • Lindalyn’s Journal

    This week, I am sending out my weekly journal a day early, since many of you will undoubtedly be in the midst of Thanksgiving celebrations with family and friends tomorrow.

  • Lindalyn’s Journal

    Lincoln's national day of thanks and praise came about, in large measure, because of the efforts of a tireless visionary, Sarah Josepha Hale. Ms. Hale persevered for 40 years before realizing the fruits of her labors, lobbying members of Congress and 5 presidents to "create an official day of thanks."…