Tag:Tim Moore

  • State leaders won’t blow surplus

    House Speaker Tim Moore, Senate leader Phil Berger, and their colleagues are determined not to repeat North Carolina's sad history of spending too much during boom years and then having to raise regressive sales taxes during recessionary years.

  • Businesses vote with their feet

    Just as most North Carolinians never volunteered to become grunts in some national war over LGBT rights, most sports leagues and corporate interests never signed up for a perpetual twilight struggle.

  • Judges consider extending order blocking Senate confirmations

    A three-judge panel heard arguments Friday over whether to grant a temporary injunction blocking Senate confirmation of Gov. Roy Cooper’s Cabinet nominees. That same panel — Superior Court Judges Jesse Caldwell III, Todd Burke, and Jeffrey Foster — on Tuesday issued a temporary restraining order in…

  • Legislative leaders tout half-billion-dollar state surplus

    North Carolina should end the budget year more than a half-billion dollars above revenue projections, and House and Senate Republican leadership swiftly credited their tax-cutting, and regulatory-relief policies for the positive budget news. The General Assembly’s Fiscal Research Division and the Office of State Budget and Management released…

  • Collegiality rules on first day of legislative session

    Bipartisanship ruled the day as lawmakers returned Wednesday to begin the 2017 long session of the General Assembly. The collegiality on opening day marked a stark contrast with the final days of special legislative sessions held in December, when the GOP-controlled General Assembly whittled away at some of the…