• A New Look at Transit

    LOS ANGELES, CA — In the San Francisco Chronicle, Reason's Robert Poole details how San Francisco and other metro areas can benefit from a breakthrough transit solution being developed in Houston: "Instead of building exclusive busways, transportation officials there are developing the virtual equivalent of exclusive busways.

  • Leader of the Hack

    North Carolina is said to be suffering from a “leadership deficit,” but in this case the definition is all wrong. True leadership comes from politicians saying “I don’t know” and “No.”…

  • The Trouble with Transit

    Most big-city transit systems are in deep financial trouble these days and are desperately seeking money to tide them over until the economy or ridership (or both) improve. But this may be a good time to step back and ask the larger question: Why doesn’t transit work better in the…

  • The value of a free ride

    WASHINGTON — Public transit exists, of course, to move people efficiently from Point A to Point B. But, hey, if riders can be sold something along the way, that’s good too, right? That’s the thinking of some companies that are starting to look at transit patrons as perhaps the ultimate…

  • The [Small] Check in the Mail

    The Charlotte area's rail transit plan was dealt a blow last week when the federal government declined to approve full funding. Here’s what happened and would could happen next.