• John Hancock’s giant middle finger against tyranny

    John Hancock is known for his sizeable signature etched on the Declaration of Independence. Nearly 250 years removed from his signing, almost everybody has been asked to offer their “John Hancock” on a document at some point in their life. It might be a myth that Hancock said, “There, King…

  • The best vaccine against tyranny

    Unrest. Distrust. Despair. These words characterize just a few of the many struggles the past 12 months have delivered. Thomas Paine’s words could’ve easily been written today and rung just as true: “These are the times that try men’s souls.” Last week, on April 12, we honored the 245th anniversary of the…

  • The Face of Tyranny

    It's easy to see state government in terms of budget deficits and high taxes, but its propensity to become tyrannical is important to remember, as a government land grab in Burlington reminds us.