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  • Respond wisely to offensive speech

    If my student group schedules a speaker on campus and you show up to shout down or obstruct the speaker, you aren’t exercising free speech — you’re trying to shut it down.

  • UNC-Chapel Hill faculty gives free speech a boost

    CHAPEL HILL — Faculty leaders at the University of North Carolina’s flagship campus recently signed a resolution supporting First Amendment rights — a move that’s positive but may have little impact on actual policy, said Laura Beltz, a spokeswoman for the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education.

  • Campus free speech bill meant to bolster students’ rights

    RALEIGH —  Fifteen of the 16 University of North Carolina system campuses fall short on free-speech protections, a prominent civil-liberties group says. But a new bill, championed by Lt. Gov. Dan Forest, may go far toward honoring students’ First Amendment rights. House Bill 527, “Restore/Preserve…

  • UNC Search Panel Offers Glimpse

    CHAPEL HILL – A town hall meeting last Thursday afternoon at UNC-Chapel Hill provided a brief glimpse into the mindset of a search committee commissioned to find a new president for the UNC system and those who are associated with it. During the hour-long meeting, several spoke about their desires…

  • A UNC Study & Cover-up

    The UNC-CH Faculty Senate wants more study of possible pay inequities on campus — but not if the resulting data could “fall into the hands” of those dastardly politicians in Raleigh.

  • UNC Stumbles Around, Again

    Another controversy at UNC-Chapel Hill, which tried to discriminate against a religious group while citing the school's anti-discrimination policy, raises questions about a certain lack of common sense.