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  • Lawmakers return to Raleigh, immediately get to work

    Lawmakers began filing bills, assigned committee members, and remembered a former state representative as the N.C. General Assembly returned to the state capital after a two-week break. Democratic leaders laid out an agenda they hope the Republican majority might consider. Sen. Dan Blue, D-Wake, and Rep. Darren…

  • Relief Can Become a Trap

    The goal was to retain the state’s short-term role in providing immediate relief for dislocated workers and their families while combating the long-term dependency that public assistance can breed.

  • Taxes About to Drop Again

    Because of tough decisions made by the General Assembly and Gov. Pat McCrory, North Carolina’s payroll tax is expected to drop by about $280 million in 2016 and as much as $550 million by 2017.

  • Extending the Benefits Debate

    The supporters of UI extended benefits predicted dire economic consequences from the expiration of those benefits. The predicted consequences didn’t happen.

  • Baker Flubs the Recipe

    Whatever the cause of North Carolina’s poor job creation in June 2013, it obviously could not have been an unemployment insurance policy implemented the following month.

  • What Largely Explains the Drop

    Fully 98 percent of the drop in unemployment since the end of extended benefits is attributable to workers gaining jobs, not to workers dropping out of the labor force.

  • If They Only Knew

    The decline in the labor force from June 2013 to December 2013 was not large enough to be statistically significant.

  • Time After Time

    Time has not just exposed the Left’s logical fallacies. It also seems poised to dash the Left’s political hopes.