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  • National unemployment rate reaches more than 19%

    The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics released “The Employment Situation — April 2020” Friday stating the seasonally adjusted national unemployment rate was 14.7%. But on page three of the report, the agency explains that due to the unique nature of the coronavirus, “the overall unemployment rate would have been almost…

  • Labor shortage teaches policy lesson

    At its peak in 2010, the unemployment rate in the Hickory-Morganton-Lenoir metropolitan area hit 15.3 percent, the highest in modern North Carolina history. Now the region has one of the state's most acute labor shortages.

  • Labor Market Woes Are National

    While North Carolina’s unemployment rate currently stands at just under 6 percent, some argue that problems in the state’s labor market are worse than that one statistic would indicate.

  • NC Economy Compares Well

    Now that North Carolina’s “headline” unemployment statistic has ticked up for several months, the same liberals who once treated it as misleading are now citing it authoritatively.