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  • Political future may surprise us

    A common political shorthand is to pit “neighborhood interests” against “developers.” But while past versions tended to associate the former with the Left and the latter with the Right, that formulation doesn’t capture the current mood.

  • Silent Sam to get a fort

    Silent Sam’s proposed new home will not be a shrine, as some critics have labeled it, but a fortress built to fend off physical attack.

  • Silent Sam must be restored

    To allow the mob to achieve its objective in removing Silent Sam would reward criminality, weaken the rule of law, and set a dangerous precedent. What might the next mob do?…

  • UNC president reflects on her first two years

    CHAPEL HILL — Two years after taking her seat as president of the University of North Carolina, Margaret Spellings is “pleased, but not satisfied” with her work so far. It’s been a busy and chaotic climb. During her first year in office, Spellings, along with the…

  • Give us a week, we’ll take off the guilt

    Unless you have a gift for the absurd,you would be hard pressed to dream up a campus "Awareness Week" that hasn't already been soberly promulgated somewhere. Every week on a college campus is an opportunity to commemorate somebody's pet cause. What are these weeks for? As the name and any…