• Friday Interview: Colleges Too Often Subsidize Failure

    RALEIGH — Public universities are facing a new economic reality, as states decide to reduce funding and expect a lot more fiscal accountability. Now, in response, schools are cutting costs, raising tuition, and sometimes both. Jenna Ashley Robinson, outreach coordinator for the Pope Center for Higher Education Policy, says there…

  • What A University Is Not

    RALEIGH — This year, 2009, has been an annus horribilis for the University of North Carolina system. Permanent budgets have been cut in the range of 6 to 10 percent and many activities frozen.

  • UNC System Finds It Hard to Put Brakes on Spending

    RALEIGH — The problem with letting “the good times” roll is that it is hard to stop the rolling when the economy goes downhill. During the last few years, while North Carolina’s powerful economy filled the state coffers, the University of North Carolina started many new, expensive programs. This year,…

  • Charters Could Boost Teacher Training

    RALEIGH – The University of North Carolina could boost its teacher-training programs by starting charter schools at most UNC campuses. That’s the key recommendation in a new John Locke Foundation Spotlight report.

  • Reflections on L’Affair Lacrosse

    Heard enough about the alleged rape at a party held by the Duke University lacrosse team? Feel free to treat this as a rhetorical question, because the copious coverage will continue.

  • Colleges Lobby for More Funds

    RALEIGH — University, community college, and state budget office officials spent part of last week lobbying state legislators for more funding for higher education, while arguing against proposed line-item budget cuts. University of North Carolina President Molly Broad, UNC-Chapel Hill Chancellor James Moeser, and North Carolina A&T Chancellor James Renick…

  • Faculty Calls for Open Search

    RALEIGH — The executive committee of the Faculty Senate of North Carolina State University has joined the chorus in calling for an open chancellor search. Students, alumni, media organizations, and well-wishers have all sought an open search process. Officials with UNC and UNC President Molly Broad have always argued that…