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  • What N.C. voters need to know on Super Tuesday

    Super Tuesday isn’t the only novelty for North Carolina voters this year. Many voters have new legislative and congressional districts after a three-judge panel ordered the General Assembly to draw new maps last year. Federal and state courts have also put a controversial voter ID law…

  • Prudence needed on voter ID

    Most North Carolinians believe voter ID is a reasonable precaution against a low-probability but catastrophic event. It would be prudent for politicians and judges to accept that and move on.

  • N.C. Republicans file for emergency stay in voter ID case

    Republicans are trying to put the legal fight over North Carolina’s voter ID into their own hands.  On Friday, Jan. 10, the General Assembly announced its application for an emergency stay of Judge Loretta Biggs’ injunction blocking voter ID. Biggs, a Barack Obama appointee, issued the…

  • GOP lawmakers want Stein to appeal voter ID order

    Republican leaders in the General Assembly want another chance to jump into North Carolina’s voter ID deadlock. Lawyers for Senate leader Phil Berger, R-Rockingham, and House Speaker Tim Moore, R-Cleveland, asked the state Department of Justice Monday, Dec. 30, to appeal the expected stay of a…

  • Cooper has taken extreme positions

    Heeding the most progressive Furies of his party, Cooper has put himself in a position of declaring that a popular vote of the people to enact voter ID is a violation of democratic principle.