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  • No Controversy about Voter ID

    One of the first bills the General Assembly will enact next year will establish a photo ID requirement to vote in North Carolina. It will pass quickly because it is uncontroversial.

  • Cleaning Out My Notebook

    The Democrats and liberals demonstrated that they remain better at the ground game than Republicans and conservatives are, but the latter groups closed the gap a bit.

  • How turnout turned out

    Did North Carolina see a “good” turnout on Tuesday? That’s what folks were saying on Election Day, but in historical terms the answer is no. And it doesn’t matter, anyway — speculation about overall turnout is a distraction from real analysis.

  • On Turnout Differentials

    Charlotte voters turned out in much lower numbers Tuesday than their counterparts in other cities such as Raleigh and Winston-Salem. Why was this the case, and what impact did it have?…