• Friday Interview: Washington’s Southern Tour of 1791

    RALEIGH — There’s much tradition associated with the office of president of the United States. That wasn’t true back in 1791, when the first president, George Washington, was serving his first term. Washington’s decision to tour Southern states that year set an interesting precedent for his successors. Warren Bingham’s book…

  • Friday Interview: Leadership Lessons From George Washington

    RALEIGH — You might know him as the first American president, the father of our country, the top Revolutionary War general, or just the guy on the quarter and the dollar bill. But it’s worth your time to learn more about George Washington as one of history’s great leaders. That’s…

  • State high school exit exams

    WASHINGTON, DC — In this, its fifth annual report on state high-school exit exams, the Center for Education Policy delivers no big news but lots of interesting snippets. The exit exam boom is slowing down. Of the schools participating, flexibility is the growing practice.

  • Assessing free-tutoring programs

    WASHINGTON, DC — The Government Accountability Office (GAO) recently examined the effectiveness of the free-tutoring provision of NCLB. And although the fault falls on all levels of participation, there are some silver linings : free tutoring is gaining traction.

  • States Want Cash from DC

    State governments have a combined $17.5 billion deficit this year, and want Washington to bail them out. North Carolina is in a different boat — but ours is sinking, too, just not this year.