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  • Scare tactics to push government policies for renewable energy

    The News & Observer writes unquestioningly about another renewable energy industry report that promotes ongoing government favoritism for renewable energy. “Clean energy is becoming an increasingly important part of North Carolina’s economy,” begins the N&O. But the report itself, “Renewables on the Rise 2018” from the Environment N.C. Research & Policy…

  • Complex Issues Lack Simple Fixes

    Surely, the simple-oriented analyst argues, if we mandate that homes, businesses, and vehicles become more energy-efficient, we can reduce fuel consumption and emissions.

  • Friday Interview: Wind Energy Myths

    RALEIGH — Today, Carolina Journal Radio’s Donna Martinez talks with Daren Bakst, legal and regulatory policy analyst for the John Locke Foundation, about the sudden push nationally for wind energy and wind farms. (Go here to find a station near you or to learn about the weekly CJ Radio podcast.)…