• Friday Interview: Wind Power Projects Generate Problems

    RALEIGH — A North Carolina law passed in 2007 is creating pressure to build commercial wind turbines along the mountains in western North Carolina. That idea worries some environmentalists. But a 2009 report from the John Locke Foundation concludes that the solution to this problem is simple. Daren Bakst says…

  • Push for Wind Turbines Could Knock Down Property Rights

    RALEIGH -- Some legislators and environmental groups are trying to get commercial-scale wind power along the mountain ridges of western North Carolina. This would mean that lines of commercial wind turbines, which can be as tall as 500 feet (or 50 stories), would line the ridges.

  • Report: Residents Need Protection From Wind Turbines

    RALEIGH – North Carolina needs a “Coast Law” to protect residents from wind turbines that ruin local landscapes, harm wildlife, and pose potential health risks, all while providing an unreliable source of electricity. That’s the key conclusion of a new John Locke Foundation Spotlight report.

  • An Ill Wind

    Hot air about the potential benefits of wind farms should lead to real debate about energy sources in North Carolina.