Nationally, Democrats gained enough seats to take control of the House of Representatives. But they got little help in North Carolina, where Republicans maintained their 10-3 hold on the congressional delegation.

In the most closely watched races, the Rev. Mark Harris held onto the 9th District seat he won in the GOP primary from incumbent Rep. Robert Pittenger. Harris narrowly defeated Democratic challenger Dan McCready in a contest national Democrats thought they needed to secure control of the lower chamber of Congress.

Other close winners included Republican incumbents George Holding of the 2nd District and Mark Walker of the 6th District.

With Democrats taking control of the House, several North Carolina GOP lawmakers will lose leadership posts. Rep. Patrick McHenry (10th District) is deputy majority whip; Rep. Virginia Foxx (5th District) chairs the House Education Committee.

Walker, who heads the influential Republican Study Committee, and Rep. Mark Meadows, chairman of the conservative House Freedom Caucus, also will see their leverage wane in the 116th Congress as they join a congressional minority.

Unofficial results are from the State Board of Elections as of 11:30 p.m. Tuesday.

Winner in bold type, incumbents indicated with *

District 1:

•Roger Allison (R): 30.1 percent
•G.K. Butterfield (D)*: 69.9 percent

District 2:

•George Holding (R)*: 51.3 percent
•Jeff Matemu (L): 2.9 percent
•Linda Coleman (D): 45.8 percent

District 3:

•Walter Jones (R)*: 100 percent

District 4:

•Barbara Howe (L): 3.6 percent
•Steve A. (Von) Loor (R): 24.0 percent
•David Price (D)*: 72.4 percent

District 5:

•DD Adams (D): 42.8 percent
•Virginia Foxx (R)*: 57.2 percent

District 6

•Mark Walker (R)*: 56.6 percent
•Ryan Watts (D): 43.4 percent

District 7:

•David Fallin (C): 1.6 percent
•Kyle Horton (D): 42.7 percent
•David Rouzer (R)*: 55.6 percent

District 8:

•Richard Hudson (R)*: 55.4 percent
•Frank McNeill (D): 44.6 percent

District 9:

•Mark Harris (R): 49.45 percent
•Dan McCready (D): 48.75 percent
•Jeff Scott (L): 1.8 percent

District 10:

•Patrick McHenry (R)*: 59.4
•David Brown (D): 40.6 percent

District 11:

•Clifton Ingram (L): 2.0 percent
• Mark Meadows (R)*: 59.2 percent
•Phillip Price (D): 38.8 percent

District 12:

•Alma Adams (D)*: 73.7 percent
•Paul Wright (R): 26.7 percent

District 13:

•Tom Bailey (L): 1.9 percent
•Ted Budd (R)*: 51.8 percent
•Robert Corriher (G): 1.0 percent
•Kathy Manning (D): 45.3 percent