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JLF’s Katherine Restrepo assesses next steps in federal health care reform

Katherine Restrepo, John Locke Foundation director of health care policy, discusses the next steps policymakers should take as they approach federal health care reform. Restrepo offered these comments during the July 31, 2017, edition of Spectrum News’ “Capital Tonight.”

  • misterchambo

    Katherine, excellent and succinct description of the benefits of DPC and wrap around catastrophic insurance. Significant savings, better access and better care. Another benefit is reduced downstream cost due to potential issues being caught earlier.

  • William Katibah, MD

    Katherine, great job again. You hit all the basics: accessibility, low-cost, able to care for 80% of medical issues in office. Thanks for your support of DPC. So frustrating to see the inertia in Washington; both political parties fighting over which side of the boat to row on, even while the boat sinks!