North Carolina is an obviously better place to work than D.C., New York, and California. But the leftist group Oxfam (supporters of compulsory unionization) is trying to smear N.C. as the worst place in the United States for workers. But as we show, Oxfam gets the economics completely backwards:

If North Carolina is so bad for workers, why is it 6th in the nation for inbound domestic migration? Why do we have lower unemployment rates than Oxfam-approved New York, California, D.C., Oregon, and Massachusetts? California, for instance, is hemorrhaging jobs as business owners are moving their HQs elsewhere. And North Carolina is one of the primary states they are moving to.….

How do get even more businesses to relocate here and really outpace the competition in job creation? Eliminate the corporate income tax. States that are pro-growth are the best places for all workers.

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