• Mark Brody

    Looking forward to working with Lindalyn on Charter School legislation. The purpose of Charter schools, when they first were allowed by law in NC and under democrat leadership, was to use the innovation from the release from local government school administrator’s control to improve the performance of the traditional public school system. Basically build in a competitive system where we share the best school’s results with the other schools. As Charter schools began to excel in performance what became apparent is that many of the problems to increase student achievement were found in three places; 1. The State Department of Public Instruction DPI, 2. Bloated and bureaucratic local school administrations, and 3. The, so called, Teacher’s Union NCAE. Each of these 3 areas are bastions of Democrat Party loyalists and now cannot be touched by democrat politicians therefore ‘Charter Schools, who were once a great innovation in education, are now evil and need to be eliminated or regulated out of existence by the very people who once supported them’. That is why this opposition coming from Democrats and some not so strong Republicans is before the legislature every session. School choice is essential to student achievement and must continually be supported.