In November’s midterm elections, the stakes are high in the two races for the North Carolina Supreme Court. The high court currently has a 4-3 Democrat majority, so if Republicans flip just one seat, the balance shifts on the court.

In a relatively rare opportunity, the four candidates running for the N.C. Supreme Court were together this weekend for a civil but robust discussion that revealed points of agreement among the candidates and differences in judicial philosophy.

With eight weeks to go until election day and against a backdrop of two heated and costly campaigns, the event was moderated by John Hood, president of the John William Pope Foundation, at the inaugural conference of the N.C. Chapter of the Federalist Society in Raleigh.

Watch as opponents Lucy Inman (D) and Richard Dietz (R), along with opponents Trey Allen (R) and incumbent Samuel Ervin VI (D), open up about their foundational beliefs in the role of the judiciary.

N.C. Supreme Court Candidates Forum: Part Two