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Winston-Salem surgeon files lawsuit challenging N.C. certificate-of-need restrictions

North Carolina’s certificate-of-need law blocks a Winston-Salem surgeon from buying an MRI machine that could help serve his patients. The CON restrictions prompted Dr. Gajendra Singh to file a constitutional lawsuit against the state. The legal action challenges CON’s limitations on economic liberty. Singh discussed the suit during a July 31, 2018, news conference in Raleigh with his attorneys. They include Renee Flaherty and Josh Windham of the Institute for Justice, along with Denton Worrell of Shanahan McDougal.

  • Tom Glendinning

    Awn! Awn! Bring it. My family has been in medicine since 1805 in America. Two sides of my family founded hospitals in Ohio. Two were psychiatric/geriatric units in Euclid and Wycliffe. One was the Cleveland Clinic. Thousands and millions of patients may not have been served if Ohio had a CON law in 1920, 1933, and 1947.
    Flush that useless piece of control legislation down the line to the sewage plant, where it belongs. A monopoly is against the law, even if the state is the beneficiary. Bureaucrats have no business in business, or anywhere they have no expertise or knowledge. In NC, the state hospitals have a virtual monopoly because the state is in competition with the private sector and it regulates the private sector. Three day old, unrefrigerated fish smell better than this vendor’s stand.
    Over half the CON laws of the states instituting them have been repealed. The US no longer enables CON legislation.
    Get out of the way of the private sector. It pays ALL THE BILLS for everyone.