Correction: This story was corrected Aug. 20 to clarify Terrance Merriweather’s role with the agency.

Terrance Merriweather is the new deputy director of the N.C. Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission.

Merriweather’s appointment becomes effective Sept. 17, a news release from the ABC says.

Merriweather, former head of the state Alcohol Law Enforcement Branch of the State Bureau of Investigation, will assist the ABC administrator with the day-to-day operations of the ABC Commission, including direct oversight of the permit and audit divisions, the release says.

Merriweather is a graduate of Liberty University and holds a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice. Merriweather joined the ALE as a special agent in 2003.

Merriweather’s appointment comes as some lawmakers and media outlets are calling for the ABC to loosen its restrictive rules on alcohol and to even privatize the system.

A state audit of the N.C. ABC released Aug. 9, in short, found that poor contract administration cost North Carolina taxpayers at least $11.3 million over 13 years. Unused warehouse space potentially cost the state $2.1 million over seven years, and a lack of monitoring left the state underpaid by at least $297,537 over two years.