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Duke Health abandons merit for DEI when picking surgeons

Going viral in the context of a hospital is almost never a good thing. And this week Duke Health and its medical school went viral in a way that certainly made a few administrators sick to their stomachs, as the Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro revealed disturbing DEI-related policies at the North Carolina health provider. One...

David Larson

Close GOP races for Congress across North Carolina

While there are many important primaries across the state, the hottest races are in several newly drawn congressional districts likely to be won by the GOP nominees in the fall.  Under new maps, North Carolina is expected to elect 10 Republicans to Congress and three Democrats, with one swing seat that could go either way....

Dallas Woodhouse

The voter ID boogeyman

It all started over a decade ago. The year was 2013, and North Carolina inaugurated its first Republican governor in decades. He would work alongside a majority-Republican state legislature, the first double Republican leadership in over a century, after nearly 150 years of domination by Democrats. Soon thereafter, reports started to emerge, murmurs that within...

Jeff Moore

Cooper’s quiet climate collusion with UN

The left’s forced march into its aggressive green agenda has left devastation in its wake in states across the country, but that hasn’t stopped Gov. Roy Cooper from quietly colluding with the elite left to force the agenda North Carolinians.  Headlines tell the story that politicians and bureaucrats won’t. A Politico headline about California warns,...

Amy Cooke

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Dems hope to defend governor’s office

Since the turn of the 20th century, North Carolina voters have picked Republicans for governor just four times: Jim Holshouser in 1972, Jim Martin in 1984 and 1988, and Pat McCrory in 2012. In each case, there was no Democratic incumbent. In each case, the GOP presidential candidate also won North Carolina. A similar scenario...

John Hood

Raleigh’s iconic NC Theatre pushed to bankruptcy by COVID, competition

In December 2023, my family attended the North Carolina Theatre’s production of Elf. It was another thrilling night back with old friends in my nearly 40-year association with North Carolina’s largest professional theatre company — one of the few in America primarily dedicated to producing Broadway-caliber musicals with a world class youth-training organization. The vision...

Dallas Woodhouse

NC court-imposed fines often trap those too poor to pay

Every year in North Carolina, citizens convicted of a crime are not just subjected to punishments like imprisonment and parole, they are also forced to pay millions of dollars in court fees, fines, and penalties. Although these Legal Financial Obligations (LFOs) are intended to be an alternative to imprisonment and help recoup to the state...

NC Advisory Committee to the US Commission on Civil Rights