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Ending North Carolina’s ABC system

The general tendency of the marketplace suggests that the more open a market is, the more that can be made, traded, or sold. When a company begins manufacturing or even just setting up ordinary operations, it must call upon other companies and individuals to acquire or handle all that is needed. This includes office supplies,...

Joshua Glawson

Housing prices reflect changes in work

It was bound to happen. The percentage of adults working from home has fallen significantly from its pandemic-era peak. Nevertheless, telecommuting has established itself as a lasting and consequential fact of modern life. Before COVID struck in early 2020, the share of full paid workdays performed at home by Americans aged 20 to 64 was...

John Hood

New anti-Beasley ad raises questions about her N.C. Supreme Court record

Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Cheri Beasley says in a recent campaign ad, “In the Senate, I’ll never stop fighting to make North Carolina safe.” A new anti-Beasley ad from the National Republican Senatorial Committee calls that promise into question. NRSC unveiled the ad titled “Victims” on Friday, four days before Beasley was expected to win...

Mitch Kokai

Corkscrews of the heart: S.C. Amendment 32

Sen. Josh Kimbrell (R-Spartanburg) deserves a lot of credit for proposing Amendment 32 to the South Carolina budget. It requires libraries to forgo purchasing “sexually explicit” materials for children. Senator Kimbrell proposed the amendment after hearing complaints from parents in his district about materials their children saw in public libraries. It isn’t just his district, either,...

Mark Herring

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A leak in the court’s foundation

Not surprisingly, the leak of a draft opinion in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization ignited a firestorm of protests and media coverage. Most of the media coverage—and all of the protests—have focused on the reasoning and outcome of the draft. But there’s another aspect to the story: the apparent erosion of confidentiality and trust at the Supreme...

Mark Martin

I lost my daughter due to toxic water exposure—I deserve my day in court

For decades, veterans, their families, and civilian staff stationed at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune in North Carolina have sought justice for the unlawful exposure to toxic water. Due to an obscure North Carolina statute, those impacted have been denied the opportunity to seek justice via the judicial system. Proposed legislation currently under review in...

J.M. Ensminger

When Carolinians killed Carolinians

Two hundred and fifty-one years ago this month, two large groups of armed North Carolinians camped about six miles away from each other in what is now Alamance County. A thousand state militiamen, led by North Carolina Gov. William Tryon, had come to suppress a popular revolt known as the Regulator movement. About twice that...

John Hood