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Time to end government-run schools

Two recent surveys, one by High Point University and another by the John Locke Foundation, show a significant portion of North Carolinians (43% and 66%, respectively) believe public education is on the wrong track. And while differing opinions on the performance of public education are not new, I believe the accelerated rise of Marxist Critical Theory in the...

P. Jason Phibbs

The attack on free speech you haven’t heard about

In September of 2021, the Texas Legislature passed a law meant to reel in the social media giants’ monopoly of online opinion. The bill, known as H.B. 20, requires large tech companies to produce regular reports of removed content, create a complaint system, and disclose their content regulation procedures. It applies to companies whose users...

Alex Urban

Only legislatures can rein in Congress

To paraphrase the old saying, you may not be interested in the federal debt, but the federal debt is interested in you. There’s abundant evidence for this proposition across the economy right now as prices continue to soar for food, fuel, housing, and other necessities. Inflation consists of too much money chasing too few goods...

John Hood

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Don’t count on a soft landing

According to the latest estimate from fiscal analysts at the North Carolina General Assembly, our state government will take in about $6.2 billion more in General Fund revenue over the 2021-23 budget biennium than was originally projected last year. That’s a huge number. It represents nearly a quarter of the entire General Fund budget for...

John Hood

Post-game primary report

North Carolina’s primary produced similar headlines across the state. Former President Trump’s influence in North Carolina clearly matters. However, there is much more to unpack in the primary post-game report. Overall, 758,000 people voted a GOP ballot in the primary election. That’s 146,000 more than the 612,000 who voted a Democrat ballot.

Dallas Woodhouse

Preparing for $10 a gallon gas and other outrageous stories

Are you even looking Joe? Two young children in Memphis are hospitalized after needing IV fluids and nutritional support due to baby formula shortage When you’ve lost the image-conscious trendy suburban soccer moms it might be time to ask for some help governing. But seriously, this is heartbreaking stuff. The White House is out there...

Ray Nothstine

No common ground without Natural Law

It’s recently become clear that the common ground people of a variety of worldviews once stood on is crumbling beneath our feet. And without this mutual starting place, known as Natural Law, it’s not clear how we can have meaningful dialogue or come to agreements on how to live together.  Evidence for this can be...

David Larson