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Carolina voters dislike big government

North Carolina Democrats are frustrated. It’s not hard to see why. Since 2008, when Barack Obama narrowly won the state and Kay Hagan beat Elizabeth Dole by a more comfortable margin, Democrats have fought hard but lost every subsequent presidential and Senate race in the Tar Heel State. In 2010, Republicans won their first majorities...

John Hood

Political and racial gerrymander myths

In these political times the last rationalization of liberals tired of losing is the cry that everything they don’t like legislatively is because of the “gerrymander.” On NBC, CNN and MSNBC in May 2023, Gov. Roy Cooper said: “Technologically, diabolical gerrymandering. Some of the worst in the country.” He didn’t like limitations on abortion or...

Paul Stam

Avoiding reefer madness in NC

Generally, this Friday column is about something outrageous. This one is more just a call for caution as North Carolina is likely poised to open the door to medicinal marijuana next week. As we do so, it will be important to consider the experiences of other states and the latest research on the mental health...

David Larson

Nuclear energy: Good for NC and the environment

A new bill in the North Carolina Senate could pave the way for more nuclear power in the Tar Heel State. As the threat of climate change hovers over us, supporting this legislation is more important than ever for environmentally minded North Carolinians.  Senate Bill 678 would revise existing state laws that require utility companies...

Elijah Gullett

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Restoring Main Street America begins with empowering locally owned pharmacies

Many of us fondly remember the days when Main Street was bustling with a vibrant, localized economy. Small businesses flourished, creating jobs and driving growth that directly supported our communities. A quintessential feature of these towns was the presence of a local pharmacy, serving as the heart of Main Street. However, in recent times, the...

Wayne Sasser, Chris Humphrey

How we can limit partisan gerrymandering in 2023

The North Carolina Supreme Court ruled on April 28 that partisan gerrymandering claims were “nonjusticiable, political questions” and ordered the General Assembly to redraw the state’s House, Senate, and congressional maps. The legislature will take up that task later this year.   With the threat of a (successful) political gerrymandering lawsuit largely behind them, how should...

Andy Jackson

School choice offers a brighter future

The North Carolina General Assembly is about to make all children eligible for the state’s Opportunity Scholarship program. They won’t all receive the same amounts — poor and middle-income families will be eligible for vouchers in the range of $6,500 to $7,200 per student, while upper-income households will receive much less. Nevertheless, both proponents and...

John Hood