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New School of Civil Life and Leadership will further advance UNC’s free speech mission

Last week, trustees at UNC-Chapel Hill announced the creation of a new School of Civic Life and Leadership. The new school will significantly enhance student learning and the intellectual environment at UNC. The new School of Civic Life and Leadership is a natural extension of UNC’s impressive progress on free speech and civil discourse on...

Jenna A. Robinson

Millennials mainly seek financial success from jobs, not social impact

Millennials, who range in age from 27 to 41, have not had an easy run of young adulthood. Two decades ago, when the oldest members of this generation turned 21, America was exiting a recession and unemployment was climbing. A few years later, the Great Recession of 2008 wreaked more havoc on Millennial finances. Economic...

Kylie King, Christina Elson

Outrageous story of the week: Teachers union, media lash out at parents’ rights bill

Senate Bill 49, Parents’ Bill of Rights, is being discussed right now at the North Carolina legislature and has brought out very passionate views, since it touches on topics like public education, gender identity, sexual orientation, mental health, and people’s children. Many of those strong opinions being expressed are from parties one would hope to...

David Larson

America hits its debt limit, and Congress is paralyzed

The 118th United States Congress came into session and quickly demonstrated why tight partisan margins could lead to more gridlock and bickering. New Speaker Kevin McCarthy was catapulted onto the national stage when House GOP members attempted to block his ascension to leadership forcing 15 rounds of nationally televised floor debates before relenting. McCarthy eventually...

Algenon Cash

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Solar power is the IKEA of energy production

We all appreciate IKEA for its mostly simple-to-assemble, cost-effective furniture. IKEA almost entirely furnished the first apartment I had back in 2010. It was a quick solution to my furniture needs.  While the furniture I purchased “performed as expected,” it was not the best quality.   It worked fine for a few years but then needed...

André Béliveau

‘Groundhog Day’ is more than a comedy about a dopey weatherman

In my role at a politics-focused newspaper, there aren’t a lot of opportunities to play movie critic. But it’s Groundhog Day… again, and the 1993 movie bearing that name is among my favorites, so I’ll take the liberty just this once. Or maybe it’s not such a departure from business as usual, as a quick...

David Larson

Freedom is the solution, not the problem

The “problem” with freedom is that other people may do things that trouble, annoy, or even anger you. In a free society, you have no legitimate authority to stop them. Strictly speaking, that’s not a problem. It’s a solution. Throughout human history, much suffering has derived from a lack of freedom. One faction obtained government...

John Hood

Did the pandemic change income inequality?

Decades from now, people who lived through the pandemic will remember it as a horrible period. Over a million people in our country died, with millions more sick but still surviving. Thousands of businesses closed forever, learning was lost in schools, and lives were disrupted in multiple ways. But could there be some positive impacts...

Michael L. Walden