Carolina Journal is a non-partisan news service of the John Locke Foundation, committed to the highest level of journalistic integrity, following the facts wherever they lead. Our coverage is delivered from a free-market, limited government perspective, with the interests of the taxpayer and voter at the center of our reporting.

Founded in 1991, CJ has been a pioneer in nonprofit journalism publishing thousands of fact-based articles on politics, education, health care, regulations, taxes, and other issues. In addition to news, CJ offers readers in-depth investigative stories, polling, cartoons, commentary, video interviews, and analysis.

Our newly revamped website covers North Carolina politics and policy daily. Over the last year, Carolina Journal Online served more than 500,000 unique visitors. In addition, Carolina Journal’s print edition has a statewide print circulation of more than 40,000. According to a recent survey by an independent consulting firm, Carolina Journal is read by more than three-quarters of North Carolina’s “influentials” — politicians, government staffers, lobbyists, CEOs, journalists, civic leaders, and political activists.

CJ reporters and editors contribute weekly to radio and television news programs across the state and have a solid social media presence, offering up-to-the-minute news and analysis. 

Our latest project, The Debrief, brings viewers a weekly wrap of state politics and policy in a lively YouTube show featuring the reporters of Carolina Journal and hosted by CJ’s editor-in-chief, Donna King.

CJ is a leader in investigative journalism in North Carolina. It has exposed corruption, conflicts of interest, and misuse of public funds by public officials, including members of Congress and members of the North Carolina General Assembly.

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