State’s highest court wrestles again with Leandro education funding issues

The North Carolina Supreme Court could decide in the coming months whether to strike the most recent decisions about court-ordered education funding in the 30-year legal battle commonly known as Leandro. All seven justices spent 80 minutes Thursday morning listening to and questioning lawyers who defended and opposed an April 2023 trial court order calling for $677 million in additional state funding.

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The Debrief: Opportunity Scholarships, Early Voting, and Hog Farm Spin

This week on ‘The Debrief’: Demand for Opportunity Scholarships sets a record, early voting starts next week, tackling the spin about North Carolina’s hog farms, and the political lessons we can learn from Taylor Swift and Lana Del Rey. Be sure to visit each day for the latest on North Carolina politics and public...


The Debrief: Biden Visits NC, Lawsuit Updates, and Raleigh City Council Chaos

Raleigh schools and businesses close ahead of President Biden’s visit to promote the Biden economy. Plus, Anita Earls drops her lawsuit against judicial standards group, and a federal judge extends state senate redistricting dispute by at least five days.


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Ukrainian people in NC rally to support homeland 

As the Russian invasion of neighboring Ukraine continues to escalate, North Carolina’s local Ukrainian population is rallying to bring attention to the suffering of people in their homeland and to gather supplies to help them. Donna Goldstein, co-president of the Ukrainian Association of North Carolina, finds herself at the forefront of these efforts.  Goldstein has...

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Why the Fourth Estate is in receivership

The fourth estate, journalism, is racing to receivership unless we can rescue it from its rapacious self. The hubris hasn’t always been this bad, this blatant, or this biased, yet it worsens daily. In the town I grew up in, Nashville, Tennessee, there were two newspapers in the 1950s and 1960s, one for the morning,...

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