Single statewide health plan for foster children aims to end chaotic status quo

N.C. children in foster care are moved frequently, and when they arrive at their new placement, they are frequently dropped from their health providers and have to start over. Now it seems there is momentum to finally get something done to fix the issue. Now, there will likely be legislation on this issue during this 2022 short session that would to create one statewide health plan for children in foster care.

David Larson

Time to end government-run schools

Two recent surveys, one by High Point University and another by the John Locke Foundation, show a significant portion of North Carolinians (43% and 66%, respectively) believe public education is on the wrong track. And while differing opinions on the performance of public education are not new, I believe the accelerated rise of Marxist Critical Theory in the...

P. Jason Phibbs

Plaintiffs urge N.C. Supreme Court again to move forward on Leandro

Advocates for hundreds of millions of new dollars in court-ordered N.C. education spending are renewing their appeals to the N.C. Supreme Court. Two filings Thursday urge the state’s highest court to take its next step in the long-running Leandro lawsuit.

CJ Staff

N.C. House bill aims at protecting consumers from being financially ruined by medical debt

A North Carolina House bill aimed at protecting consumers from being financially destroyed by medical debt was filed Tuesday, May 24. H.B. 1039, Medical Debt De-Weaponization Act would create a pro-family, anti-poverty consumer protection law geared toward setting transparent parameters around the provision of charity care, limiting the ability of large medical facilities to charge unreasonable interest rates and employ unfair tactics in debt collection.

Theresa Opeka

Senate Republicans back Medicaid expansion, with health care access reforms

The N.C. General Assembly's Senate leadership announced a health care proposal that includes Medicaid expansion under the federal entitlement program, the Affordable Care Act. The bill contains with work requirements for Medicaid expansion enrollees, and measures bill sponsors say would cut regulations on the healthcare industry that limit the number of providers and facilities. State Medicaid expansion could put more than 600,000 able-bodied, working age adults onto taxpayer-funded healthcare program.

Donna King

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Locke’s Terry Stoops analyzes N.C. Senate’s Parents’ Bill of Rights

Dr. Terry Stoops, director of the Center for Effective Education at the John Locke Foundation, discusses a Parents’ Bill of Rights proposed by the N.C. Senate. Stoops offered these comments during the May 25, 2022, episode of Spectrum News 1’s “Capital Tonight.”

Dr. Terry Stoops

N.C. Parent’s Bill of Rights heads to first committee hearing

A "Parent's Bill of Rights" will get its first discussion in committee Wednesday morning in the N.C. Senate. It established a parent's right to request information about what their child is learning in school and other details about how their child and their school are operating. Parents must also be told if their child requests a name or pronoun change, and any other information on their child's physical and mental health. Schools would not be allowed to make gender identity and sexual orientation part of the curriculum before fourth grade, but it would not ban incidental discussion.

David N. Bass, Donna King