On Wednesday Speaker Tim Moore, R-Cleveland, gaveled in the North Carolina House of Representatives for the 2024 short session. 

The House sat a new member, Rep. Jerry Alan Branson, R-Guilford, appointed on April 16th to serve the remainder of the term of Rep. Jon Hardister, following Hardister’s resignation on April 8th. Branson was administered the oath of office on April 19th. Branson will serve on the following standing committees: Education-Universities, Finance, Judiciary 2, Local Government, and UNC Board of Governors Nominations. 

“Representative Branson, congratulations on your appointment to the House of Representatives,” said Speaker Moore. “Certainly looking forward to putting you to work very quickly and honored that you will be serving with us for the remainder of this session.” 

Additionally, Rep. Tricia Ann Cotham, R-Mecklenburg, was appointed chair of the Standing Committee on Appropriations for Education. 

The House also voted unanimously to pass House Joint Resolution 910, which provides for the confirmation of the governor’s appointment of A. Todd Brown as a special superior court judge. 

“He’s an accomplished attorney who’s well-qualified for the position,” said Rep. Destin Hall, R-Caldwell, chairman of the Rules Committee and expected to succeed Moore as Speaker. “He’s had a stellar legal career, includes 37 years of litigation experience and somehow, he’s still kept his joy after 37 years of litigation experience. He was the president of the North Carolina State Bar. Last year past president of the Mecklenburg County Bar and past president of the North Carolina Association of Defense Attorneys. [He’s] been recognized by The Best Lawyers in America for his litigation work as well as North Carolina Super Lawyers. I encourage you to vote yes on this resolution.”

The resolution passed unanimously and was sent to the Senate by a special messenger. 

Much of the first day’s action consisted of similar housekeeping items. The House will soon be voting on budget related items with votes beginning next week on the budget technical corrections bill. Speaker Moore said that it would be a one-day session next week unless there is a technical change on a tax provision that may require a two-day vote. 

“The first day would be Wednesday of next week before any votes and so we’ll keep the body informed,” said Moore. “The only bill the chair’s aware of is the technical budget technical corrections bill for next week; [I’m] not aware of any other bills.”

The House will reconvene on Thursday, April 25, at 9:00 am.