Remembering Billy Graham: America’s Pastor, NC’s Favorite Son

Six years ago, the state of North Carolina, the United States, and the world lost a giant. Billy Graham, world evangelist and faith leader, represented North Carolina’s best: a man of service, humility, and devout faith. Despite his accomplishments and the millions of miles traveled worldwide for his famous crusades, Graham possessed an admirable humility...

Tanner Nau

Green is God

“God is dead,” observed the title character of Thus Spoke Zarathustra, written by philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche in 1883. The notorious claim, often interpreted as a celebratory declaration, was not delivered as a boast. Rather, Nietzsche made his observation about a rapidly changing Western culture with a profound sense of foreboding. The fear arose from the...

Jeff Moore

Has Toby Keith’s America passed too?

I arrived on Western Carolina University’s campus as a freshman in 2002. The deadly attacks on New York City and Arlington, Virginia (only a few miles from my home) were less than a year in the rearview. We already had boots on the ground in Afghanistan, and President George W. Bush was ramping up calls...

David Larson

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Access Denied

President Joe Biden visited North Carolina Thursday to tout the success of “Bidenomics,” as evidenced by all the good things happening economically in this state. Naturally, Carolina Journal intended to cover the president’s remarks. Unfortunately, our reporter was denied entry. Why? Event staff gave an explanation that the president’s visit to Abbots Creek Community Center...

Editorial Board

Families of Israeli hostages speak to media at state legislature

This week, families of Israeli hostages still in captivity in Gaza spoke with media at the state legislature. North Carolina House Speaker Tim Moore, R-Cleveland, met with members of the Hostages and Missing Families Forum and the Consul General of Israel, Anat Sultan-Dadon.

Katherine Zehnder

School and business closures ahead of Biden visit to Raleigh

Multiple schools and businesses have announced on social media that they will be closed Thursday afternoon as security plans to block roads for most of the work day. There are two schools on the same block as the event space selected for the Thursday presidential visit. There are six schools in the immediate closure area.

CJ Staff