Category: Books and the Arts

  • Our Blogging Founding Fathers

    The Founding Fathers were bloggers. Well, okay, let me rephrase that. Many of the Founders were the 18th-century equivalent of a certain category of modern-day bloggers.

  • Idolize the Dream Gig

    Wanna be an American Idol? If you can't make the cut, blame Adam Smith. Smith was an eighteenth-century Scottish Enlightenment philosopher. I don't know if he could sing, but he had some interesting things to say, by implication, about why would-be performers also wait tables, teach lessons, drive school busses,…

  • Three for the Holiday

    July 4th is a celebration of William Hooper, Joseph Hewes, and John Penn. Well, it's not just a celebration of these three men's accomplishment.

  • Public, Not Government, Radio

    Public radio is, all things considered, a valuable option for those interested in news and public policy debate. Too bad it subsists in part on funds forcibly taken from people who don’t listen and never will.