Category: Business and Regulations

  • When Arm’s Length is Best

    The speaker at Thursday's JLF Headliner luncheon also happened to have a fascinating column in the New York Times about "relationship capitalism." It's worth a read.

  • “Revolving Door” Issue Raised

    RALEIGH — Allyson Duncan, a former member of the North Carolina Utilities Commission who left in 1998, a year before the end of her eight-year term, represented a newly formed gas authority before the Utilities Commission within months after resigning. Duncan’s early departure to join a law firm raised questions…

  • Murky Reporting on Soot

    The Charlotte Observer continues to publish stories with scary warnings about how soot in the air could "prematurely kill thousands of people" annually — even though the Observer knows the the link to lung cancer or heart disease is inconclusive at best.

  • So What If It Is Unconstitutional?

    The General Assembly is preparing to hold a special session next week to discuss incentive deals for specific corporations. This should be considered illegal, but it won't be.

  • The Growing Business of Garbage

    CHARLOTTE — Waste disposal is increasingly becoming a business, with garbage as a commodity. Often communities can dispose of their garbage at the lowest cost by shipping it long distances to large, regional waste disposal sites. To get better deals, producers of garbage are even banding together, to offer landfills…

  • Walter Williams on Trade, Politics

    George Mason University economist Walter Williams, a syndicated columnist and guest host on the “Rush Limbaugh program,” came to Raleigh recently to help kick off the creation of a new program that will provide leadership and citizenship training to North Carolinians. In an interview with Carolina Journal, Williams discussed politicians'…

  • No. 715: Regulatory Reform to Clean the Air and Lower Costs

    Some state governments, under influence from environmental pressure groups, have chosen to challenge the Bush administration's decision to make it easier for electric utility companies to undertake improvements and repairs at older coal-fired power plants. The decision will give utilities more leeway to upgrade and modernize equipment in ways that…