Q&A: Duke Energy unveils new energy proposals

This week, Duke Energy released its new plan to meet carbon reduction requirements outlined in H.B. 951. Carolina Journal had the opportunity to catch up with Bill Norton, who works for Duke, about the details of their plan and the company's perspective on energy policy over the next few decades.

Alex Baltzegar

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How MVP Southgate can help bridge gap from coal to zero-emissions nuclear

On July 27, the US Supreme Court vacated the stay imposed by the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals against the Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP). The pipeline project is about 94% completed and was originally supposed to be finished by 2020, but desperate court challenges and permit delays had pushed its completion date to 2026. The...

Jon Sanders

Possible NC gas pipeline crops up once during 4th Circuit arguments

The possibility of a Mountain Valley Pipeline extension into North Carolina cropped up once during more than an hour of arguments Thursday at the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. Appellate judges are debating whether to dismiss a case from environmental activists challenging pipeline permits.

CJ Staff

Nuclear would be labeled ‘clean energy’ under new legislation

The bill would relabel “renewable energy resources”  to “clean energy resources” in the State’s Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard (REPS) and add nuclear fission and fusion into the definition of clean energy.

Kevin Garcia-Galindo