Spring celebrations have a steep price this year

Each visit to my local supermarket is startling. The prices of milk, meat, and other basics seem to be skyrocketing. It doesn’t take much digging to find out that food prices have risen in the last three years at highest rate since the Great Inflation of 1979-1983.

Donna King

Biden’s latest vehicle regulation will ban most new gas cars by 2032

By all accounts, President Biden is going to be spending a lot more time in North Carolina. But I’d wager to guess he won’t say a thing during his visits about what his administration has just done to ban most new gas, diesel and traditional hybrid vehicles by 2032. If this is news to you,...

Chet Thompson

Farm Bureau backs Pender County in solar farm legal fight

The North Carolina Farm Bureau Federation is siding with Pender County in its legal fight with a company seeking a permit for a 2,300-acre solar farm. The Farm Bureau filed paperwork Monday at the state Court of Appeals to submit a friend-of-the-court brief in the case.

CJ Staff

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The Debrief: Shining more light on NCInnovation

This week on “The Debrief”: President Biden returns to Raleigh. The North Carolina Republican Party elects a new chairman. Primary election results are in the books. Carolina Journal digs deeper into the details of NCInnovation. CJ shines light on state budget reserve funds that hide spending increases. Lawmakers take another look at plans to reduce...


Save NC’s endangered farmland from overbuilding solar facilities

The American Farmland Trust (AFT) ranked North Carolina second in the nation for farmland threatened from residential development. It’s a big concern. Agriculture is the state’s top industry, employing about one-fifth of the state’s workforce. According to North Carolina Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler, North Carolina has about 8.3 million acres of farmland. Per AFT estimates,...

Jon Sanders

NC counties shouldn’t mandate EV infrastructure market doesn’t want

New technology is exciting, but politicians who flex their influence and power to force premature adoption do a disservice to their communities. As a New Hanover County commissioner, I write to caution my county — and all the other counties and municipalities in North Carolina — against imposing harmful electric vehicle (EV) mandates. In January,...

Dane Scalise

Cooper’s quiet climate collusion with UN

The left’s forced march into its aggressive green agenda has left devastation in its wake in states across the country, but that hasn’t stopped Gov. Roy Cooper from quietly colluding with the elite left to force the agenda on North Carolinians.  Headlines tell the story that politicians and bureaucrats won’t. A Politico headline about California...

Amy Cooke