Renewables advocate blasts Duke Energy over rolling blackouts

Officials from renewable energy entities held a meeting recently to discuss the rolling blackouts that left thousands in North and South Carolina without power over the Christmas holidays. The renewables proponents said solar performed "as expected." "While solar performed as expected, that 'as expected' meant there was no solar production at all during peak demand that morning," said Jon Sanders, of the Center for Food, Power, and Life.

Theresa Opeka

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Camp Lejeune Justice Act is a milestone for North Carolina and federal law

In August 2022, President Biden signed the Honoring our PACT Act into law, a historic piece of legislation that included the Camp Lejeune Justice Act. The passage of this legislation marks a milestone for federal law. The Camp Lejeune Justice Act (CJLA) is the culmination of a more than two-decade fight that allows victims of Marine Corps...

J. Edward Bell III

Defacing art will not solve climate change

A recent spate of flashy environmental “protests” has garnered international media coverage. These protests have included throwing mashed potatoes and soup at famous paintings and vegan activists dumping milk onto grocery store floors. Despite the support these activists have received, including from prominent media sources and financial support from oil tycoon families, the efficacy of these protests is questionable at best. These activists believe that any media...

Elijah Gullett